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About Us

The school is an incarnation of self-respect, love, affection, sensibility, responsibility and compassion which puts the students into a “FRAME” blending the negative and positive aspects. Helen Keller rightly said, “the world is moved along not only by the mighty shower of its heroes but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker”
We live in a highly competitive world with a basic knowledge of art and craft, science, technology and literature for success. This magazine is indeed a pious attempt to make our butting talents give shape to their creativity and learn the art of being aware, because success depend upon our power to
perceive, the power to observe an the power to explore. We hope our efforts and ideas will surely stir the mind of the readers and take them to the world of joy and pleasure. With a firm belief and a feeling of contentment for the achievement received so far, it is our immense pleasure to introduce our first school magazine ANTONIUS for the academic year 2018-2019. Bringing out a magazine is not an easy task, but is a venture of combined efforts, ambition, planning, hard work, courage and contributions of the editorial board. The magazine introduces the subjects in a language that is simple and direct. Each and every contents of this magazine are handpicked by understanding
the impressionable mind of the reader. Every effort has been made to avoid errors. This magazine includes articles, poems, anecdotes, art-works and a host of other things. We hope you will enjoy reading this magazine as much as we enjoyed making it. Any suggestion or criticism on the magazine would be most welcome. We are thankful to Rev. Fr. Shinoj K TOR, Rev. Fr. Jacob TOR who came up with a brilliant idea of introducing the first magazine and entrusting us with the task.We also thank the teachers and students for their efforts, who have contributed a lot in bringing up this magazine and wish them every success in life.


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