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Khora, Ghaziabad

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Principal’s Message

A very warm welcome to the website of St. Antony’s School, Ghaziabad. I am happy that in a short span of time the school has made an impact in the lives of students and parents. The sole purpose of our education ministry is to take our students to that realm where they realize who they are, what their potentials are and how they can transform themselves to be a ‘Light to Enlighten’. I remember with gratitude the founding father of this institution, late Rev. Fr. Jose Thottunkal TOR and all his successors for making this school so good and praise worthy. We are on a mission to create a rich heritage. We are on a mission to transform ourselves. We learn and teach to be fraternal, charitable, understanding and accommodating. We hold each other’s hands to make our country the best place on this earth. This is also a plat form for the alumni to be in touch with the alma mater. This is the best platform where, forgetting the differences created by the society, all can be one, fostering fraternity and brotherhood.



Vice Principal’s Message

A person begins to learn from the very moment of conception. Learning is a lifelong process. One does not stop learning at a particular time or moment. Instead, the person continues to learn in one way or other. Learning is a journey; it is a journey from womb to tomb. It means the person continues to learn till the end of his or her life. The person learns many things in life in the course of time and tries to attain perfection in them. The person, who learns continuously, tries to become better and better day by day.
One of the ways of learning is education. Education is the means of making a person a better human. Education helps the person to dispel the darkness of one’s own self, of others, of society and of the world at large. It brings light in our life. It gives hope and courage to stand firm. The purpose of education is not only for getting good job, have a good life or for the growth and development of cognitive thinking of the person but also it is meant for the holistic growth and development of the person.

In other words, it includes physical, emotional, psychological, social aspects of the person’s life. It helps the person to look at life and things around positively. Accordingly, the person imbibes the good values in his or her life. Education moulds and shapes the person. It assists the person to chisel out what is extra and unnecessary in him or her and makes the person better.
Here is St. Antony’s School, Khora, making students to become better humans. The School takes all the efforts possible to bring out the best in the students. Teachers work together for the betterment of the students and of the school. Their continuous effort of imparting knowledge to the students is well appreciated. The non-teaching staff put their whole heart and soul to keep the school and the school premises clean and hygienic. Thanks to all the teaching and non-teaching staff for their hard work and efforts. May God bless all.


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